Ready to build next-gen web experiences? Try Front-End Sites!

Did you know Pantheon now supports Javascript sites? :clap:

With front-end frameworks on Pantheon, teams deliver faster, more responsive and more secure digital experiences across channels. Front- and back-end developers can do their best work with the WebOps tools they know and love.

Get free access to a Front-End Sites Sandbox & 300 bonus points by completing this mission.

Need help getting started? We’ve got you covered!

:heavy_check_mark: Join the #front-end-frameworks Slack channel to connect with a Pantheon expert
:heavy_check_mark: Read our Front-End Sites Documentation
:heavy_check_mark: Watch this webinar to learn how to build your Decoupled practice with Pantheon Front-End Sites
:heavy_check_mark: Explore our Front-End Starter Kits for a series of CMS starter projects, front-end starter kits, and developer documentation.